Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It Just Feels Good

We've all heard about doing it. Many of us have even talked about doing it. And most of us have probably done it at least once.

Whether it was something akin to a macaroni angel, a drawing, or a pasta dinner, most of us have made something for someone at some point in our lives.

A friend pointed out today that there are 107 more days til Christmas. One of my daughter's friends has had "put up the Christmas tree" fever for a couple of weeks already.

Our family is having a consumerism-free Christmas this year. The initial conversation with my daughters was that we wouldn't exchange gifts, but rather just focus on spending the day together playing games and visiting and eating.

My son and I, however, have decided that we're going to make/repurpose gifts. We've been having a great time finding items/supplies at the thrift shop and figuring out what to make with them.

It's definitely a richer experience than shopping for gifts for everyone. There's the fun of creativity and letting that part of the brain freely explore possibilities. There's the enjoyment of doing of something creative together. There's the feel-good of doing less harm to our planet.

It just feels good.

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