Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ryann's Bird

Ever since my oldest granddaughter was born last September, I've taken her to the living room window and talked about the birds whenever she comes to visit. Sometimes, we sit on my lounger and watch out the window accompanied by many long moments of silence. A couple of weeks ago was just such an occasion.

Ryann was sitting on my lap watching out the window. I could see that her little eyes were taking in each movement of an evergreen branch nodding in the breeze, a sparrow flitting into the bush at the side of the window, and folks walking by.

And then, as often happens, our local crow paid a visit and started his neighbourhood greetings. Ryann's eyes widened. She sat very still with her mouth open. She listened for a bit, and then - she called back! Three times! Then listened for a response...

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